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        Substance abuse means that we have missed the best things and the best         way in life. We have substituted an inferior product to meet our  needs         and to provide satisfaction.
   Please help to make this possible  We have  no paid staff, very low overheads and dedic-   ated volunteers. We now urgently need more funds.
                                                   Our loaned Ship                                                                                                                                                         Ex-Naval Fleet Tender MV Hambledon is our wonderful transport to and                                                                                                  from the fort. It is tough enough and large enough to carry large working                                                                                                parties and heavy equipment and materials. However, after six excellent                                                                                                    years on loan, we now have to raise £85,000 to buy it which is going to be a                                                                     major challenge and we will need all the help we can get!
 Our aim on An Island of Hope is to: Provide a safe and secure environment to detox from drugs and alcohol To enable people to turn their lives around through Christian Teaching and Counselling
Our Mission
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